Do you have an event coming up and would love a Culinary team that makes sure such an important occasion comes out perfectly? Fajih's is your team!!!
20630 Ashburn Road, Suite 196, Ashburn VA, US, 20147
(703) 479-8804 | (301) 803-8294
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(703) 479-8804 | (301) 803-8294

Ashburn, VA



#FreshEats meals are ready fresh each day for your satisfaction, experience our WOW! Effect without the hassle of cooking.
How It Works
Choose your meals from our 5 weeks rotating menu selections; including gluten free options. You can also customize your meal plan when you sign up with our #FreshEats Meal program, which include a monthly Surf & Turf dinner.
Delivery: #FreshEats Meals are prepared fresh daily by our chef and culinary professionals and delivered straight to your door at your convenience – frozen meals is not an option!
Our Plans
Select from one of our variety package and begin to enjoy the WOW! Experience with daily prepared #FreshEats Meals.
12 Meal Plan

Choose $105.95 / week, $8.75 per meal
10 Meal Plan

Choose $95.95 / week, $9.50 per meal
5 Meal Plan

Choose $55.95 / week, $11.00 per meal
3 Meal Plan

Choose $35.95 / week, $11.50 per meal
Daily Meal Plan

Choose $12.95 per meal