Do you have an event coming up and would love a Culinary team that makes sure such an important occasion comes out perfectly? Fajih's is your team!!!
20630 Ashburn Road, Suite 196, Ashburn VA, US, 20147
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(703) 479-8804 | (301) 803-8294

Ashburn, VA

Catering with Authentic African Food on the menu. DC, Maryland and Virginia

Catering with Authentic African Food on the menu. DC, Maryland and Virginia

“WOW!” Catering with Authentic African Food on the menu. DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Starting a business can be terrifying and almost impossible when you view it as such, but if one takes the vantage point of unveiling one’s passion and exploring your potential then this almost impossible task can be accomplished. Obviously you eventually have to go beyond pursuing a dream and a passion. It takes, sacrifice, hard work, focus, dedication and, most important of all, believing in yourself even when others don’t or when the going gets tougher. I consider that the make or break point and if you can successfully cross to the second stage, then half the work is done and you are on your way to owning and running your own business.

The right people

Human Resources is one of the most important things in your arsenal. Surround yourself with the right people – be it family, friends, well wishes or mentors. For me, it was my wife (how lucky!). I think she believed in me more than I did myself. All she kept asking me was “I don’t see why not or what are you afraid off.” I always found it easier to say no than to say yes but her attitude helped me to change my attitude. Surround yourself with dream makers, not dream crushers! I highly recommend “Dare to be a dreamer” by Rev. Dr. Sadick Arthur.

It’s not about the money – Values first

Don’t consider becoming an entrepreneur for the money – you might have to wait a little while for that to start coming in. My main reasons were my passion for culinary arts and my desire to serve my community. Having the right reasons helps you to persevere because there is intangible rewards every day. Get a true vision and core values as a compass to help, generate, grow and thrive your dream. Know what you expect as a result, see how to accomplish that result realistically and know where that result will lead your ambition for growth and success for the future of your dream.

How’s my dream business going?

Fajih’s Catering is a culinary service that serves mostly the DC, Maryland and Virginia area but we are open to traveling beyond those limits to cater for events across the United States.Our mission is to create a “WOW!” Culinary Experience for all our customers’ catering and hospitality needs. With our impeccable service, we’ve helped hundreds of customers to achieve a dream event. The effect that good food has on a function is the reason that we’ve become highly recommended.

Our Mission: Providing A WOW! Culinary Experience that exceeds all expectations. Core Values: Trust, Creativity, Passion, Excellence and Champion of Service.

Culled from My African Roots

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